May 30, 2009

Green Energy Act Revises Wind Setbacks……WHY??

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The Title of the Revisons to the Green Energy Act is as follows:


Proposed Content for the Renewable Energy Approval
Regulation under the Environmental Protection Act
“Proposed Content for the Renewable Energy Approval Regulation under the Environmental Protection Act”


On page 13 the following “Setback” revision is noted:

“Setback” refers to the distance in metres separating the centre of a structure, referred to as a Point of Reception in the Ministry of the Environment’s Noise Guidelines for Wind Farms (October 2008), and the base of the closest wind turbine. The noise emission level of a wind turbine must be the guaranteed values of the Sound Power Level corresponding to 95% rated power output. Should a Sound Power Level rating for a turbine fall between categories, it should be rounded up to the nearest whole number.

It is proposed that if a proposed wind energy generation facility has 26 or more turbines or has turbines with sound power level rating of more than 107 dBA, the proponent shall submit a noise study to the Ministry of the Environment consistent with Ministry of the Environment’s Noise Guidelines for Wind Farms (October 2008).

It is proposed that if the wind turbine project proponent should be interested in obtaining a lower setback than indicated for turbines it would have the option to complete a site-specific noise study consistent with the Ministry of the Environment’s Noise Guidelines for Wind Farms (October 2008) and the noise level limit of 40 dBA at the nearest Point of Reception. Under no circumstances can a site-specific study result in a setback lower than the minimum 550 metres.

It is proposed that the proponent will provide a frequency chart from the turbine manufacturer showing all tones generated by the turbine.”



That is the question that hundreds of Ontario Citizens are asking themselves and their provincial reps since this announcement.  These poor souls are living amongst the hundreds of 400 foot tall Wind Turbines already installed and operating much closer than 550 metres away from their homes.

Has the Provincial Government now just “discovered” that any turbines closer than 550 metres to a living human being is dangerous?

We all know there are Health problems associated with Low Frequency Noise from existing Wind facilities and we have all heard the sad and tragic stories of many of our neighbours who have endured pain and suffering with no empathy whatsoever from the Wind Industry or Polticians who “rubber stamp” these projects and then go on to count the cash crop they have just planted.


Until that question is answered we DEMAND that FULL  HALT  NOW is placed on any further development of Wind Facilities in our Province until that one question is satisfactorily answered!


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