June 3, 2009

Bill 150 The Green Energy Act and Green Energy Economic Act

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“The Devil is in the Details”

That phrase has been repeated with all three of these Acts, The GEA, The HST and The Cap and Trade Act. Not a good start! When the ordinary citizen hears that description of a Law as the introduction statement made by both the “Proponents and Opposition” then a “red flag” should be raised immediately!

The Green Energy Act or GEA as we will refer to it in the following description is based on the assumption that Global Warming or what has been rephrased as “Climate Change” will literally end our lives on this planet if it isn’t reversed. This hypothesis is the underlying premise behind the “New Environmentalism” that has taken hold of politicians and Industrialists world wide.

See: Green Agenda

Without going into details for now, generally the “Gang Green” (the above politicians and industrialists) have adopted what at one time was an honourable cause in the 60’s and 70’s to “save the planet” from over-consumption of natural resources and destruction of wild lands by Industrial consortiums. By assimilating the very words and initiatives of caring and responsible citizens and then turning the intentions of these people around 180 degrees they have effectively “cloaked” themselves as the “Saviours of the Planet”.

The only thing Green about these people are the billions of Green Backs that can be made off their re-written and insane rantings!

We will suffer the wrath of this policy in our everyday lives and homes and communities. The GEA was one of the fastest Bills to ever go through the Ontario Parliament. It only took 80 days from announcement to third reading and then passage. During the Standing Committee meetings where everyone who had something to say about how this Bill is good or bad was limited to only about one half of the number of common folk and groups who had applied to be heard. The Wind Industry appeared almost as much as the opponents did and even the Minister of Infrastructure was allowed to speak during the hearings so that he could put an exclamation mark on the fact that this Bill would go through regardless of valid opposition presentations.

Claims of Health Concerns that are related to the proximity of Wind Turbines being located within communities was the common thread of most complaints during these hearings but were not taken into consideration in the final written document. Claims of the deregulation of Planning Authority at the Municipal level would lead to less Democracy went unheeded. Claims that this Act would basically increase electricity rates, destroy economic development in Ontario and destroy natural wild lands went unheeded. In fact all the negative affects this Bill would have on the future of Ontario went unheeded. No positive gains whatsoever were ever presented by the Government with the implementation of this Bill 150.

If a Bill doesn’t improve the lifestyles and quality of life in communities across Ontario then WHY would it be pursued and passed so quickly? That is the question that this Government has to answer. It has been asked of the Government on countless occasions and to date there has been no response. A Public Inquiry would force some honest answers!

UPDATE August 17/09

Since the passage of Bill 150 the Green Energy Act we now find ourseleves facing a 23% increase in our Electricty Bill directly due to the Green Energy Act!

Here is the following MEDIA RELEASE!

Media Release

Hydro One is seeking permission from the Ontario Energy Board to raise the delivery portion of hydro bills in Ontario by 9.5% in 2010 and 13.3% in 2011, in an attempt to raise over 250 million dollars to cover increased distribution costs. Much of that cost is tied to its Green Energy Plan for 2010-2014.

This is in stark contrast to Minister Smitherman’s statement on February 23rd 2009, “We anticipate that associated with the investments that I’m speaking about today, [the increase will be] approximately one per cent per year.” – George Smitherman, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure discussing the financial impacts of the GREEN ENERGY ACT.

This massive increase just deals with the increased cost of delivering wind factory produced energy.  We aren’t even dealing with the increased cost of promising wind developers’ a price for their power which is three to five times higher than the current retail cost.” commented John Laforet, President of Wind Concerns Ontario, a coalition of thirty- four grassroots citizen groups spread out over twenty-one counties and the Cities of Toronto and Ottawa.

Especially during the tough times Ontario industry and citizens are facing through this painful recession, it is the wrong time for these kind of increases, brought on by an irresponsible and ill-advised plan of our energy future by this government” said John Laforet in response to the impacts this will have on Ontario’s people and economy.

“The government needs to realize that this plan is unsustainable and unaffordable for Ontarians. Steep increases like these to our hydro bills, which will be subject to an additional 8% tax when the PST is harmonized are really going to hurt a lot of folks who are just barely hanging on.”

Wind Concerns Ontario is calling on Minister Smitherman and the Ontario Energy Board to keep his promise to Ontarians that electricity bills would not see increases of more than 1 percent per year and develop an energy plan that reflects that reality.

For More Information Contact:
Beth Harrington, Media Relations, Wind Concerns Ontario
John Laforet, President Wind Concerns Ontario


Liberals Misleading on Energy Prices 

To voice your opinion email boardsec@oeb.gov.on.ca 
Deadline: September 16th 2009 

(Ottawa, ON) – Energy Critic John Yakabuski (Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke MPP) said today that Dalton McGuinty and George Smitherman have clearly pulled a fast one on Ontario electricity customers. Yakabuski pointed out that the recent request by Hydro One for shocking rate increases is proof that Energy Minister Smitherman was not being honest when he repeatedly claimed that the “Green Energy Act” would only add 1% per year to your electricity bill. 

“This is simply unacceptable. How can Dalton McGuinty and George Smitherman allow this to happen?” said Yakabuski. “Have they no regard for what people are going through these days? And worse yet, the McGuinty Liberals will rub salt into the wound when they add a further 8% to your bill with the implementation of the Harmonized Sales Tax on July 1, 2010.” 

Hydro One’s request would see the delivery charge on the average residential customer’s bill rise by 9.5% in 2010 and 13.3% in 2011. Some customers could see their charges go up by as much as 24.6% next year. Electricity is an essential commodity. While everyone is encouraged to conserve, this rate increase will do the opposite. As these charges are for delivery, bills will rise even when consumers use less. Yakabuski assures that Tim Hudak and the Progressive Conservative Caucus will not allow this to go unchallenged. 

“The Liberal government was warned that their policies would lead to this, but they denied it or just didn’t seem to care,” said Yakabuski. “This could be devastating to so many Ontarians already struggling to pay their bills. We will fight tooth and nail to protect families, seniors and all electricity ratepayers from these harmful increases. We will hold the Liberals accountable.” 

For More Information: 
Mr. John Yakabuski (613) 639-3005


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